Principal's Message
If a person remains absorbed in bad/evil thoughts naturally his mind will motivate hi mto make plans realted to tha tvice and gradually his mind will be trained in that direction.The power of thoughts should be considered akin to the power of electricity or that of atomic origin. Therefore, a person should always remain vigilant about the proper use of thought power. If some one possesses wealth it does not mean that he should squander it away in worthless pursuits. The same rule is apllicable to the wealth of thoughts. Whatever thoughts adopted, they prompt a person to go in that direction and take up the related activity. Giving place to unwanted thoughts and allowing their roots to grow in their mind means that in future, one is planning to like life accordingly. It may be happening in voluntarily or unknowingly, but it consequences are certain.
Therefore, it will be better that one allows only beneficial and creative thoughts to enter one's mind. If a child makes it a habit to invoke benign and creative thoughts, it should be considered that she/he has built the road to success in his/her chosen area to pursuits.
As ateacher, I have experienced and learned many things from some of the children in the past and present, while sharing their joys, pains, frustrations and fears of failure due to the pressure forced on them through the ones they looked upon for love, care, security and survival. I strongly feel that there should be a comprehensive co-ordination between both a teacher and a parent where both can reconstruct a positive platform and fill in the mikssing links, keeping the child in question feel that love, care, honour and dignity is as real as wahat they stand for though discipline is an important factor in bringing up a child but it should not be imposed irrationally. For discipline is loving firmness. It is adirection; it is prevention before a problem arises. It is harnessing and channeling for grater performance. Here I would like to say "let a child bloom where he is planted" .
May would like to thank Mr. M. Dutta, Chairman LMC (CGM, PPR Area-CCL) for his kind co-operation and keen interest in this institution for its upliftment. I would like to thank Mr. L.Saini(Regional Director, DAV Public School & Coleges, Ranchi Zone, Ranchi) for his noble vision and guidance to established this school as a model in this area. I would like to thank all the LMC members, parents and guardians and well-wishers for their constructive suggestion to ru nthe school smoothly.
Dear reader, it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction presenting the 5th Edition of our school magazine 'Udbhav' in your hand. I would like to thank and congratulate all the editor, budding talents of DAV col;ossus for their innovative ideas, thoughts and creativity which have adorned the magazine.
I take this oppurtunity to thank all the dignitaries on behalf of school family who have been kind and spared their valuable time to send their best wishes for the magazine in the forms of message.